About Us

Andaqua Vietnamese Restaurant has recently been set up to replace Non La restaurant located at the corner of Bourke street and Fitzroy street in Surry Hills. We strongly believe that the best foods should represent the essence of our culture. At Andaqua, we cook dishes which showcase our history of more than 4000 years history. Our menu is made up of best dishes from the North and the South of Vietnam with some French influences. Vietnamese foods are all about balance and diversity in both tastes and colours. Our passion for high quality, fresh Vietnamese foods couples with our friendly services will ensure you with an enjoyable dining experience.

Our Dishes

Andaqua is not just another Vietnamese Restaurant. We cook dishes just like how we would cook in Vietnam. Our team goes extra miles to sort ingredients which signify the soul of the meal. On top of that, our foods are made unique with the owner’s 3 generation family recipes. We use the premium products and lot of herbs in our cooking. Most of the dishes in our menu are very fresh, simple, healthy and easy to digest. Some of our dishes are super healthy such as Ling fish salad with 7 garden herbs mixed with sweet soya sauce and wasabi. Even our deep fried spring rolls are healthy using gluten free rice paper which does not retain cooking oil. Our southern dishes are cooked in strong flavours. Our northern dishes which are lighter in tastes use more herbs and have some French influences. Our signature dishes, apart from Ling fish salad and Hanoi spring rolls, include the crispy savoury pancake, 5 spice crispy quail, shaking beef, Chargrilled pork belly with vermicelli salad, fish with tamarind dipping and many more. Most of our dishes are gluten free and we offer a large variety of vegetarian dishes.